No Reduction In Treatable Vision Loss

Picture Of Human Eye With Vision LossIn 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) set a goal to reduce preventable vision loss by 25 percent by 2020. However, two studies appearing in The Lancet Global Health examining blindness and vision loss rates worldwide found no significant reduction in the number of people with treatable vision loss.

Researchers found that the number of people blind and visually impaired increased. While there was a 15.4 percent decrease in avoidable blindness, there was no significant reduction in moderate or severe vision loss.

"We have made some strides in reducing blindness, but we really have work to do to address moderate to severe vision impairment," said study author Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD. "It's crucial that we fund research to focus efforts on improving outcomes and to examine the unequal burden of blindness for women, including the root causes for disparity, the potential barriers to accessing care, and potential biologic differences. Additional data on childhood blindness is also needed."

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"Studies examine rates of blindness and vision impairment worldwide"

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