TVs For The Blind

Eleven closes her eyesThere is some amazing technology enabling blind people to watch and enjoy TV.  Some of the key technological features include:
  1. Built-in screen reader:  This feature speaks aloud everything that is text-based, including menus, program guides, and more.
  2. Audio description (AD):  This is an audio narration of everything occurring on-screen -- kind of like captions, but aloud.  Sometimes this is available with Video On Demand.
  3. Voice controlled remote controls:  By pressing one button, the user can speak into the remote control instead of pressing buttons or typing.
  4. Changing text:  Users can change text size, font, foreground color, background color, and screen magnification.

Of course, the availability of these features varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and one model to another.  Generally, Samsung TVs have the best incorporation of these accessibility features.

How TV is becoming more accessible for people who are visually impaired

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