People With Vision Loss Can Learn Echolocation

Picture Of Blind Person With Guide DogNew research suggests that blind people can benefit from receiving instruction on echolocation. What’s more, people with vision loss can learn echolocation with just a small amount of training. Click-based echolocation helps individuals judge spaces and improve their navigation skills.

The team of researchers studied how people learn the skill. The participants in the study ranged in age, some were sighted and others were blind. The study found that all participants who were blind reported improved mobility and 83% reported better independence and wellbeing. Dr. Lore Thaler, of Durham University, said:

“People who took part in our study reported that the training in click-based echolocation had a positive effect on their mobility, independence and wellbeing, attesting that the improvements we observed in the lab transcended into positive life benefits outside the lab.”

“We are very excited about this and feel that it would make sense to provide information and training in click-based echolocation to people who may still have good functional vision, but who are expected to lose vision later in life because of progressive degenerative eye conditions.”

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“Echolocation can help those with vision loss – study”

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