Helping the Visually Impaired Cross Streets

Person Using A SmartphoneMost Americans have seen people with white canes crossing the street. Some individuals have likely thought about the inherent dangers associated with blind people navigating intersections. While many crosswalks have what are known as Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) — beeps and chirps let people know when to cross — to assist people with visual impairments to understand when it is safe to cross the street, it can still be dangerous.

APS is helpful, but blind pedestrians can still have trouble. A new smartphone app called PedNav has proven effective in helping the visually impaired cross streets. The app is still in testing, but it has been likened to a Google Maps for the visually impaired. The app connects with traffic signal control systems to give pedestrians real-time information about where they are and if it's safe to cross.

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"University of Minnesota's App Helps Pedestrians Cross Street"

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