Wearing Sunglasses Can Help Prevent Blindness
blindnessThe sun emits powerful ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin; it's the cause of sunburns and skin cancer. However, the planet's source of light can also do irreparable harm to one's eyes. UV rays can damage eye proteins increasing the risk for cataracts, according to a 2014 study funded by the U.S. National Eye Institute.

Studies show that UV damage can enhance one's risk for macular degeneration— a leading cause of age-related blindness. UV exposure can also cause photokeratitis which may lead to temporary blindness. Wearing sunglasses can reduce your risk of experiencing eye disease.

We invite you to contact the San Diego Center for the Blind if you are struggling with vision loss. We offer many programs that can help.

"How Wearing Sunglasses Actually Impacts Your Eyes, According to Science"

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