What You Should Know About Guide Dogs

Man with guide dogGuide dogs help those with blindness or visual impairment to travel safely.

Here are some things guide dogs CAN do:
  • Guide people across streets
  • Guide people through crowds
  • Guide people around obstacles
  • Find certain objects
  • Stop in case of danger, such as an approaching vehicle
  • Indicate where steps and curbs are
Here are some things guide dogs CANNOT do:
  • Show people where to go or how to get there
  • Understand when it is safe to cross a street
  • Continue to be effective if they are not used every day
Bear in mind that to get a guide dog, a blind or visually impaired person must attend a special guide dog school that will assign them a dog and train them to care for it and use it to guide them.

Dog Guides for People with Vision Loss

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