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When You Are Blind Sometimes Going Up Is The Easy Part
BlindExperienced climber Brian Dickinson reached the summit (29,000 feet) of Everest just before he went “snow blind,” a form of photokeratitis that is the result of UV rays reflected off ice and snow. Circumstances led to him soloing the climb; if not for a series of miracles Dickinson, would not be alive today. It would be a month and half before Brian regained his eyesight.
As an aside, Nepal recently banned solo climbers, blind people and double amputees from attempting the harrowing climb, The Guardian Reports. The Nepalese tourism ministry believes the new rules will save lives; naturally, the regulations have led to criticism from multiple fronts.

Are you a blind mountaineer? If so we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Everest ban.

A 'Blind Descent' from Mt. Everest
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