Which Countries Have The Most Blind People? (#9 Will Surprise You!)

World map of blindness - by countryIndia, the world's second largest country (by population), leads the world in the number of blind and visually impaired people, with 275 million, narrowly edging out China.  Here are the top 10 countries, ranked by the total number of blind and visually impaired people:
  1. India, 275.0M
  2. China, 274.3M
  3. Indonesia, 34.9M
  4. Russia, 28.6M
  5. Brazil, 26.6M
  6. Bangladesh, 26.3M
  7. Pakistan, 26.3M
  8. Nigeria, 24.3M
  9. USA, 16.4M
  10. Mexico, 16.0M
Note that not only is USA on this list at #9, but it is also the only country on the list among the world's most advanced nations.  No European nations are on this list.

Country Map & Estimates of Vision Loss

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