The World’s Fastest Blind Sprinter

Picture of David Brown the worlds fastest blind sprinterThe Swiss sportswear brand On has produced films profiling gifted athletes and adventurers. The films show the human side of the athlete and delve into social issues. Some of you may have seen the two-year-old On film about Olympic gold medalist Nicola Spirig from Switzerland. In 2020, On covered a couple's epic mountaineering trek through a mix of stirring live-action and animation.

The latest film to drop is "Untethered," a 21-minute visual essay about "the world's fastest blind sprinter," David Brown. Mr. Brown is a U.S. Paralympian and the current 100-meter world record holder at 10.89 seconds. For nearly a decade, Brown has worked with mentor and running guide Jerome Avery to become a champion; a four-inch tether attaches the two athletes. "Untethered" explores the spiritual bond between Brown and Avery.

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"On, the Sports Brand, Tells the Story of 'the World's Fastest Blind Sprinter"

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