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Young People Living With Visual Impairment Experience Disney
visual impairmentDisney movies have long been a significant part of children’s lives. However, many young people have never had the joy of watching famous Disney characters dancing across the screen, particularly kids living with visual impairment. But, that is about change!

Tactile Vision Graphics has a contract with the Disney Corporation to create an activity book for children featuring our most cherished Disney animated friends. The interactive materials feature pictures with raised outlines so children with visual impairments can experience the magic of Disney.

"The blind user will actually be able to see, for want of a better word, what Mickey Mouse looks like," said Emmanuel Blaevoet of Tactile Vision Graphics.

SDCB’s programs give the visually impaired the ability to travel, go to school, prepare meals and manage finances — on their own! Please contact us to learn more.

“Disney contracts with Windsor company to produce activity books for the blind”

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