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“I want my life and my independence back!”
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Our clients come to us not knowing what to expect. What they get are classes, counseling, new skills, confidence and being part of a community. They also get back their independence.

This year, just in time for the holidays, we’ve created an Alumni Program. And we’ve been absolutely blown away by our alumni stories of how spending time in the Center’s programs impacted their lives. Here are a few of those stories:

JodeyCourage leads to independence

Jodey, Chancellor, Renison University College Accomplishments: Chancellor, serving on multiple boards of directors Future plans: guide dog training, travel

“I was appointed chancellor September 1, 2023 of a Canadian University. It’s an energetic, wonderful school. I’m not only the first woman, I’m literally the first blind person to be appointed chancellor. Honestly, before I went to the San Diego Center for the Blind, I would not have had the courage to step into the arena to go forward with a sense of self, a sense of identity and a sense of capability. That was my transforming moment.”

MaicoNew skills lead to independence


Accomplishments: working in the Disability Office of one San Diego’s community college districts, working in a local university’s Master’s Rehabilitation program

Future plans: work on a masters in Rehabilitation Counseling in order to help others going through similar circumstances

“Digital technology was a game changer in helping me feel confident. Going back to school. Going back to work. Being able to use screen readers, computers, devices & being familiar with the assistive technology world. Now, I feel much more confident. Uncertainty is removed. Am I going to be able to do this? Am I able to complete my master’s program? I no longer worry about if I’ll be able to go back to work. I know I can!”

RaquelAcceptance leads to independence

Raquel, health care administrator Accomplishments: volunteering to help others with visual impairment

Future plans: create a website to showcase her original art and stories of inspiration

“I want to give back because San Diego Center for the Blind has helped me tremendously. I really was embarrassed and in denial about my vision loss for a

long time. If it weren’t for the Center, I wouldn’t be out there with all these organizations speaking so freely about my vision loss and helping others with theirs.”

KevinDetermination leads to independence

Kevin Accomplishments: using his new skills and white cane, successfully traveling to Germany with his wife to meet their first grandchild

Future plans: seek work in customer service, travel, learn how to play golf with a visual impairment

“Without sight there’s always a possibility to move forward. And even though it’s a traumatic and dramatic situation, you can just move forward. If you give up, then you really have no chance. I think I’m good. I’m just fortunate I’ve made very good decisions. With my wife. With my life. With my work. And finally, with going to the San Diego Center for the Blind. I’m continuing to make good decisions, that way I can move forward.”

You might ask …

“Why don’t people facing visual impairment get the services they need from their doctors or eye care professionals?” One simple reason: insurance. Insurance doesn’t cover most of these types of services, therefore, they are not offered by the medical profession.

Thus, San Diego Center for the Blind plays a major role in helping visually impaired individuals. But to do that, we depend on donations and grants to continue our mission.

So, won’t you help us transform someone’s life to independence?

Please make a donation today so people that are visually impaired can make the journey from fear and confusion to empowerment, success, and independence!