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Aira Helps Visually Impaired Shoppers See
visually impairedIt is no secret that sighted men and women take what seems like the simplest things for granted, such as choosing the color or brand of a particular item. The same goes for grocery shopping, deciding on Folgers Coffee over Maxwell House is easy even though they both come in practically the same packaging. Now the visually impaired can receive assistance in exercising discretion at the grocery store aided by an app service known as Aira. Blind shoppers at Wegmans, at nearly 100 stores in six states, can use the service which connects the user to a live operator who instructs the shopper on what they are looking at via the smartphone camera.

Please reach out to SDCB to learn more about our innovative programs for the blind and visually impaired.

Blind Grocery Shoppers Access 'Second Set Of Eyes' Through App At Wegmans

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