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blind-musicians-thrive-in-irish-folk-music TaraVicars 0
blind-gamer TaraVicars 0
visually-impaired TaraVicars 0
Helping Visually Impaired People Read oblomov 0
Cooking Podcast for the Visually Impaired oblomov 0
DAMO Academy is Helping the Visually Impaired oblomov 0
Aira Helps Visually Impaired Shoppers See oblomov 1
Visually Impaired Man Receives Wonderful Gift oblomov 0
Visually Impaired Children Take To The Ice oblomov 0
Visually Impaired Children Become Artists oblomov 0
Blind Woodworker Teaches the Visually Impaired oblomov 0
Considering the Visually Impaired oblomov 0
Ski for Light Teaches the Visually Impaired XC oblomov 0
Technology Helps the Visually Impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Over 75 Physically Impaired Athletes Inspire Others faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Visually Impaired Restaurateur Feeds Service Men and Women in CA faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Unstoppable Jazz Musician Henry Butler faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Story of a Blind Lamb Teaches Children To Never Give Up faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Driving School Gives Blind Students the Opportunity to Take the Wheel faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A Device That Makes Washers and Dryers Audible faith@madmarketeer.com 0
The Number of People Living with Visual Impairment is Expected to Increase faith@madmarketeer.com 0
ADA Compliance Includes Websites Too faith@madmarketeer.com 0
The Super Power of Avocado faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Meet Big Dog a Blind Cowboy Serving Others Living with Vision Loss faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Avoid These Mistakes When Talking About Blindness faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Apps that help with a multitude of daily tasks faith@madmarketeer.com 32
A musician and visual artist who is legally blind faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Accessible theater is becoming more popular faith@madmarketeer.com 7
New research leads to correlation between traumatic brain injury and visual problems faith@madmarketeer.com 19
A new camera with haptic memory capacity faith@madmarketeer.com 19
An interview on the differences between losing sight and being born without sight faith@madmarketeer.com 17
Blind from birth versus vision loss later in life. faith@madmarketeer.com 6
Aira connects users to sighted assistance via an app or glasses faith@madmarketeer.com 6
My visual impairment does not mean I can not do anything I set my mind to faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Being visually impaired in the age of technology faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Cooking as a visually impaired person can be done with the other senses faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Disaster Preparedness Includes a Plan for Visually Impaired People faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Encounters With a Guide Dog faith@madmarketeer.com 1
A glove that finds the right box of cereal faith@madmarketeer.com 13
The Royal Ballet teaches ballet to a group of visually impaired adults faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Autonomous cars emerge as a possibility for visually impaired drivers faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Accessibility enables people faith@madmarketeer.com 2
Gaming undergoes adaptive changes faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Myths about blindness dispelled faith@madmarketeer.com 1
What a visually impaired person sees is represented in art faith@madmarketeer.com 1
New regulations make the cinema experience accessible faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Accessible Outdoor Trails That Enjoyed By All Abilities faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Low Vision and Visual Impairments Can Be Misunderstood faith@madmarketeer.com 1
The Blind Film Critic Addresses Being in the Dark faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Parenting a visually impaired child while nurturing confidence faith@madmarketeer.com 0
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