Accessible Outdoor Trails That Enjoyed By All Abilities
A young woman with a backpack walks through a forested area heading away from the cameraAccessible nature trails are becoming more popular around the country. In Massachusetts a new trail has been opened which is accessible to the visually impaired as well as people with mobility issues.

Guide ropes help those with low or no vision find their way down the trail. Braille posts give explanations of where on the trail they are and what the surrounding area is like. Smooth wide trails help to avoid tripping hazards and also make the path accessible to those in wheelchairs.

Read more about this accessible trail and how it came to be in this article.

If you are experiencing vision loss, we can help you adjust. Visit our First Steps After Vision Loss Page to learn more.

‘All Persons Trails’ For Nature Seekers With Disabilities Grow in Mass.

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