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Subject Author Comments Date
Changes to make around the home for people with low vision TaraVicars 0
Low Vision Grooming Hacks faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Marine Corp Veteran Loses Vision But Gains Insight faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Driving School Gives Blind Students the Opportunity to Take the Wheel faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A Device That Makes Washers and Dryers Audible faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Running independently with assistive technology faith@madmarketeer.com 24
A podcast interviews a blind architect about life and work faith@madmarketeer.com 8
Blind Man Roams the Globe faith@madmarketeer.com 8
Will a case for accessibility against a retailer make others retailers rethink their own accessibility issues faith@madmarketeer.com 9
Accessible theater is becoming more popular faith@madmarketeer.com 7
A career in the arts as a visually impaired man faith@madmarketeer.com 14
A blind entrepreneur uses tactile skills in massage therapy faith@madmarketeer.com 15
A sudden loss of sight brought out her artistic side faith@madmarketeer.com 10
An interview on the differences between losing sight and being born without sight faith@madmarketeer.com 17
Respect in the workplace will get us far faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Traveling the world as a solo visually impaired adventurer faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Blind from birth versus vision loss later in life. faith@madmarketeer.com 6
Just a man and his camera faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Assistive Technology aids this musician in her craft faith@madmarketeer.com 6
Inspiration from a triathlete faith@madmarketeer.com 7
Helpful ways to save money and reduce costs faith@madmarketeer.com 6
An app that connects people for a bit of help faith@madmarketeer.com 7
Currency Reader provided free to those who are visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A guide dog - a commuter and a GoPro faith@madmarketeer.com 12
Encounters With a Guide Dog faith@madmarketeer.com 1
A glove that finds the right box of cereal faith@madmarketeer.com 13
The Royal Ballet teaches ballet to a group of visually impaired adults faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A map for all Californians faith@madmarketeer.com 6
A call to the fashion industry to please include people with disabilities faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Assistive Technology Created From a Random Encounter faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Accessible Outdoor Trails That Enjoyed By All Abilities faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Everything changed - all for the better faith@madmarketeer.com 1
A visually impaired personal trainer encourages everyone to accept our differences faith@madmarketeer.com 0
3D art is more than just a printed replica faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A hands-free interactive cooking app is available for free download faith@madmarketeer.com 2
Visually impaired runners and the guides that run with them faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Why -I admire you- can be anything but a compliment faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Physical activity is not limited to the sighted faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Get Visually Impaired Children Involved and Active faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A man on a mission to get visually impaired tech professionals working faith@madmarketeer.com 0
The Benefits of Being on Social Media if You Are Visually Impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A sensory garden and a visually-impaired-friendly walking trail faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Small changes, big impact faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A teacher who understands his subject is the perfect teacher faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A new app gives a marathoner even more freedom faith@madmarketeer.com 0
How to be a Helpful Sighted Guide faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Assistive Technology making waves with the visually impaired faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Physical fitness starting at a young age faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A Miniature City Prepares Visually Impaired Kids for the Big World faith@madmarketeer.com 0
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