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Subject Author Comments Date
Changes to make around the home for people with low vision TaraVicars 0
Low Vision Grooming Hacks 0
Marine Corp Veteran Loses Vision But Gains Insight 0
Driving School Gives Blind Students the Opportunity to Take the Wheel 0
A Device That Makes Washers and Dryers Audible 0
Running independently with assistive technology 24
A podcast interviews a blind architect about life and work 8
Blind Man Roams the Globe 8
Will a case for accessibility against a retailer make others retailers rethink their own accessibility issues 9
Accessible theater is becoming more popular 7
A career in the arts as a visually impaired man 14
Two Blind Brothers discusses their success since their appearance on Ellen 18
A blind entrepreneur uses tactile skills in massage therapy 15
A sudden loss of sight brought out her artistic side 10
An interview on the differences between losing sight and being born without sight 17
Respect in the workplace will get us far 0
Traveling the world as a solo visually impaired adventurer 0
Blind from birth versus vision loss later in life. 6
Just a man and his camera 0
Assistive Technology aids this musician in her craft 6
Inspiration from a triathlete 7
Helpful ways to save money and reduce costs 6
New study shows link between cataracts and depression 6
An app that connects people for a bit of help 7
SDCB in the news 6
Currency Reader provided free to those who are visually impaired 0
A guide dog - a commuter and a GoPro 12
Encounters With a Guide Dog 1
A glove that finds the right box of cereal 13
The Royal Ballet teaches ballet to a group of visually impaired adults 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat 0
A map for all Californians 6
A call to the fashion industry to please include people with disabilities 1
Assistive Technology Created From a Random Encounter 0
Accessible Outdoor Trails That Enjoyed By All Abilities 0
Everything changed - all for the better 1
A visually impaired personal trainer encourages everyone to accept our differences 0
3D art is more than just a printed replica 0
A hands-free interactive cooking app is available for free download 2
Visually impaired runners and the guides that run with them 0
Why -I admire you- can be anything but a compliment 0
Physical activity is not limited to the sighted 0
Get Visually Impaired Children Involved and Active 0
A man on a mission to get visually impaired tech professionals working 0
The Benefits of Being on Social Media if You Are Visually Impaired 0
A sensory garden and a visually-impaired-friendly walking trail 0
Small changes, big impact 0
A teacher who understands his subject is the perfect teacher 0
A new app gives a marathoner even more freedom 0
How to be a Helpful Sighted Guide 0
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