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How to be a Helpful Sighted Guide
A concrete staircase with concrete walls.People want to be helpful, but without any experience as a sighted guide, sometimes it’s hard to know how best to be helpful.
These articles together outline 14 ways to be a better sighted guide. The first article goes over straight forward options such as offering assistance instead of pushing yourself on to someone who is visually impaired, using helpful language that gives useable direction, and making sure there is space for the guide, the visually impaired person and any bags that the two of you are carrying.
The second article highlights more helpful tips such as being present during every moment that you act as a sighted guide, ensuring that the person you are guiding has heard you correctly before you step away for a moment and using as many verbal cues as necessary to safely and comfortably get where you’re going.  
Would you add any advice to these articles? Share your top tip for being a better sighted guide in the comment section.
7 Ways to be a Better Sighted Guide Part 1
7 More Ways to be a Better Sighted Guide

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