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Subject Author Comments Date
Unstoppable Jazz Musician Henry Butler 0
Story of a Blind Lamb Teaches Children To Never Give Up 0
Low Vision Grooming Hacks 0
Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Creates Growth 0
Nearly 3 Decades of the ADA Has Progress Been Made 0
Educating Others About Vision Loss 0
Blind Assistant Public Defender Demonstrates Independence 0
How Fouls Can Lead to Great Purpose 0
The Art of Visual Impairment 0
Blind Rock Climber Uses the Sport as a Form of Meditation 0
The Visually Impaired Play Baseball Using Sound Instead of Sight 0
Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder But Not Really 0
Hold The Light is a Story of Hope in a Dark Space 0
The Number of People Living with Visual Impairment is Expected to Increase 0
Meet Big Dog a Blind Cowboy Serving Others Living with Vision Loss 0
Unconventional Retinal Implants Expected to Deliver Exceptional Visual Acuity Results 0
Apps that help with a multitude of daily tasks 32
Running independently with assistive technology 24
Accessible theater is becoming more popular 7
A successful lawsuit to create accessibility and awareness 0
Left off the sports team he gave music a chance 21
A whole new way to use your tongue 14
Some thoughts on the documentary Notes on Blindness 6
A new device to translate microscopic images for the visually impaired 6
Being visually impaired in the age of technology 1
Reading can be fun for all kids 0
Disaster Preparedness Includes a Plan for Visually Impaired People 0
On a Mission to Advocate for the Visually Impaired 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat 0
Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days 2
A map for all Californians 6
Including visually impaired children in holiday traditions 1
Three things you need to know about people who live with a disability 2
The world of a blind competitive skier 1
Visually impaired scientist pioneers audio version of visual field 1
Braille Letters from Santa for Visually Impaired Children 1
The Blind Film Critic Addresses Being in the Dark 0
Parenting a visually impaired child while nurturing confidence 0
Everything changed - all for the better 1
Is blindness living in the dark 1
Blind Television Journalist Advocates for People with Disabilities at the United Nations 2
Trying out a disability - helpful or harmful 0
A piano does not care if you are blind 0
Help a visually impaired child by communicating effectively 0
A story collection about more than just blindness 3
From hockey to electric guitar 0
There is an app for that. Finding the bus stop as a visually impaired person 0
Living blind as an MMA fighter 0
Reporter piloted by a visually impaired man. 1
Why -I admire you- can be anything but a compliment 0
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