A man on a mission to get visually impaired tech professionals working
A line of heavy traffic crosses through a busy intersection.Mike Hess founded a non profit helping visually impaired tech professionals enter the workforce after a 20 year career in the tech sector. He is also blind.
Before Uber entered his area, Mike had to take public transit. Of course, the bus never took a direct route to where he needed to be and cost him time he didn’t want to spare.
After using Uber extensively, and being impressed with their accessible website and app, Mike approached them about giving free rides to blind or visually impaired people who are on their way to a job interview. The company quickly agreed in the Denver area and will roll out the program across the country later this year.
Read more about Mike’s experience and the program with Uber in this article from the Denver Post.
If you are a visually impaired job seeker, contact us to learn how we can help.
Blind Man Uber-ing: One man’s quest to get visually impaired a tech job

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