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Subject Author Comments Date
Accessibility Is Not Just a Legal Obligation It is a Moral One Too 0
Nearly 3 Decades of the ADA Has Progress Been Made 0
ADA Compliance Includes Websites Too 0
Making books more accessible to the visually impaired 30
Running independently with assistive technology 24
A podcast interviews a blind architect about life and work 8
A musician and visual artist who is legally blind 0
Echolocation can be used by the visually impaired to navigate 17
Will a case for accessibility against a retailer make others retailers rethink their own accessibility issues 9
Accessible theater is becoming more popular 7
A designer and an organization find success in a new venture 14
A successful lawsuit to create accessibility and awareness 0
Baseball commentary by sound alone 19
A New Tool to Help People Learn Braille 26
A whole new way to use your tongue 14
Suing for a fair shot at law school 23
Two Blind Brothers discusses their success since their appearance on Ellen 18
Visually impaired kids and the chance to attend space camp 23
An astronomer who do not use vision 0
A blind entrepreneur uses tactile skills in massage therapy 15
An inclusive chess set 16
Hackathon produces prototype of technology to help the visually impaired 29
A sudden loss of sight brought out her artistic side 10
A marathon runner with a guide accessible only through technology 12
An interview on the differences between losing sight and being born without sight 17
Advice on Moving Forward After Vision Loss 14
Respect in the workplace will get us far 0
California State Considers New Eye Exams for Children 9
Technology to help us navigate 6
3D printing during pregnancy helps visually impaired couple see their baby 10
Project Torino teaches coding basics to kids who are visually impaired 7
Two sets of pedals but only one bicycle 0
A new television show features a blind carpenter and a DIYer 9
Aira connects users to sighted assistance via an app or glasses 6
Accessibility Issues Brought to Broadway 5
A simulator to show what life is like with a visual impairment 12
New study shows link between cataracts and depression 6
SDCB in the news 6
Some thoughts on the documentary Notes on Blindness 6
Describing the sky at night without visual comparison 7
A new device to translate microscopic images for the visually impaired 6
My visual impairment does not mean I can not do anything I set my mind to 1
Transforming the advocacy of words into the advocacy of achievement 6
Being visually impaired in the age of technology 1
A guide dog - a commuter and a GoPro 12
Braille versus Technology 3
On a Mission to Advocate for the Visually Impaired 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat 0
Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days 2
The life story of Louis Braille is now a musical production highlighting his important contributions 3
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