Guidelines For Helping The Blind and Visually Impaired (Pt. 7 of 7)

Helping a blind person enter a carHere are some tips on helping blind and visually impaired people while travelling:
  1. Tell your partner if they are entering the front or back seat of a vehicle
  2. Place your guiding hand on the door handle and allow them to slide their grip hand down your arm to the door handle
  3. With their other hand, the car roof can be noted and your partner can lower their head
  4. Exit the car before your partner and assist them getting out
  5. Tell them if there are wider than average gaps to walk over, especially on trains
  6. Lead your partner on and off public transportation
  7. Provide extra help with unstable modes of transportation such as boats, carts, etc.

Assisting the Blind and Visually Impaired: Guidelines for Eye Health Workers and Other Helpers

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