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Subject Author Comments Date
Blind Veterans Demonstrate Their Athletic Abilities 0
Seeing With Sound 0
Seattle Art Museum Makes Art Accessible 0
Running independently with assistive technology 24
Blind Man Roams the Globe 8
Accessible theater is becoming more popular 7
Baseball commentary by sound alone 19
A new camera with haptic memory capacity 19
A career in the arts as a visually impaired man 14
A whole new way to use your tongue 14
Visually impaired kids and the chance to attend space camp 23
A blind entrepreneur uses tactile skills in massage therapy 15
An inclusive chess set 16
A sudden loss of sight brought out her artistic side 10
A marathon runner with a guide accessible only through technology 12
Traveling the world as a solo visually impaired adventurer 0
Two sets of pedals but only one bicycle 0
A new television show features a blind carpenter and a DIYer 9
Just a man and his camera 0
Assistive Technology aids this musician in her craft 6
Inspiration from a triathlete 7
Video games and visual impairment 0
Cooking as a visually impaired person can be done with the other senses 0
Reading can be fun for all kids 0
The Royal Ballet teaches ballet to a group of visually impaired adults 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat 0
Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days 2
Gaming undergoes adaptive changes 0
Running again to deal with vision loss 0
Including visually impaired children in holiday traditions 1
The world of a blind competitive skier 1
New regulations make the cinema experience accessible 0
Accessible Outdoor Trails That Enjoyed By All Abilities 0
Advice on Guiding a Visually Impaired Athlete on Race Day 0
A visually impaired personal trainer encourages everyone to accept our differences 0
3D art is more than just a printed replica 0
From hockey to electric guitar 0
Visually impaired models take the runway in Paris 0
Visually impaired runners and the guides that run with them 0
Living blind as an MMA fighter 0
Reporter piloted by a visually impaired man. 1
Story Time with a Child who is Visually Impaired 0
Audio Descriptions of Popular TV Shows Online 4
A Comic Book Site Specifically for the Visually Impaired 0
Physical activity is not limited to the sighted 0
Surf camps for visually impaired children 0
A sensory garden and a visually-impaired-friendly walking trail 0
A new app gives a marathoner even more freedom 0
Physical fitness starting at a young age 0
Summer Camp for Kids With Visual Impairment 0
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