New App Concept Could Help Visually Impaired People Choose Clothing

Picture Of Smartphone And SweaterBlind people may find a new concept beneficial for managing their wardrobe. The award-winning app concept could help visually impaired people choose clothes. The Closet app won first place in the Universities Canada Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) competition. The contest asks students to come up with innovative solutions for people with disabilities who experience accessibility barriers. Closet will help people match clothes, determine clothing color, read wash label QR codes, and help users to read Braille on tags.

“We realized how heavily we rely on visual cues and our sight to navigate everyday tasks,” said Liana Meere, a recent graduate from Carleton University’s Industrial Design program. “[Getting dressed] is something that you don’t realize could be a huge barrier to independence for people with visual impairments.”

San Diego Center for the Blind offers several programs and services for the visually impaired community. Please contact us to learn more.

“Carleton students design award-winning concept to help visually impaired people”

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