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Subject Author Comments Date
Assistive Technology Smart Glasses for Blindness oblomov 0
Daily Tasks Made Easier with Assistive Devices 0
Making Math Accessible 0
The AWARE Wayfinding App Helps The Visually Impaired Enjoy New Spaces 0
How Google Glass Can Help The Blind 0
Apps that help with a multitude of daily tasks 32
Making books more accessible to the visually impaired 30
A new mobile app for movie lovers 1
Startups getting involved in educational opportunities for visually impaired kids 8
A successful lawsuit to create accessibility and awareness 0
A new camera with haptic memory capacity 19
A New Tool to Help People Learn Braille 26
A whole new way to use your tongue 14
Seeing the basketball for the first time 7
Hackathon produces prototype of technology to help the visually impaired 29
A tablet that allows 3D access 14
A second wedding so the groom can see the bride 10
Free or reasonably priced apps for the visually impaired 9
A marathon runner with a guide accessible only through technology 12
Self Driving Buses with AI and Augmented Reality 0
Technology to help us navigate 6
3D printing during pregnancy helps visually impaired couple see their baby 10
A new television show features a blind carpenter and a DIYer 9
Assistive Technology aids this musician in her craft 6
Aira connects users to sighted assistance via an app or glasses 6
Helpful ways to save money and reduce costs 6
How technology changes life for people who are visually impaired 3
A simulator to show what life is like with a visual impairment 12
An app that connects people for a bit of help 7
A new device to translate microscopic images for the visually impaired 6
Currency Reader provided free to those who are visually impaired 0
Being visually impaired in the age of technology 1
Cooking as a visually impaired person can be done with the other senses 0
A glove that finds the right box of cereal 13
Braille versus Technology 3
Autonomous cars emerge as a possibility for visually impaired drivers 1
Accessibility enables people 2
A map for all Californians 6
Gaming undergoes adaptive changes 0
New regulations make the cinema experience accessible 0
Assistive Technology Created From a Random Encounter 0
Soundscapes add to the landscapes of a visually impaired artist 5
Blind Television Journalist Advocates for People with Disabilities at the United Nations 2
3D art is more than just a printed replica 0
A hands-free interactive cooking app is available for free download 2
An Artificial Intelligence partnership from some tech giants 0
Virtual reality aiding reality today 0
Google introduces photo descriptions 0
There is an app for that. Finding the bus stop as a visually impaired person 0
Apps to help visually impaired students 0
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