Assistive Technology for the Blind With 3D Geometry

Blocks of different shapes and colors illustrate geometry and Assistive Technology for the Blind3D printing is always coming up with new assistive devices to help those who are visually impaired. Geometry is a very difficult subject to understand for many, and even more so when you can't see. 

Now, the 3D printing of "geoboards" will help teach blind and visually impaired students about the mathematics needed to calculate area and volume of 3D objects. Though other types of tech have been available, many parts of the world have had trouble accessing affordable options. These geoboards may open up new doors for many. 

Please contact SDCB if you are living with vision loss or blindness. We offer several innovative programs that can improve your quality of life.

3D Printed Plastic Geoboards Teach Visually Impaired Students About Geometry

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