Helping Blind People Know When Their Food Has Gone Bad

Picture Of Mimica Touch Food Decay SensorHelping blind people know when their food has gone bad is important to a company called Mimica. Soon blind people could have an easier way to discern if their food has spoiled because Mimica created touch-sensitive sensors to tell you how fresh your food is. The project started as a way to help blind people.

Mimica Touch contains a plant-based gel that decays at the same rate as food. The company's hope is that less food will be thrown away; Mimica Touch is far more precise than expiration dates. The product will first be released in European markets, and in North America down the road, hopefully.

“When it [the label] is smooth the food is fresh and when you can feel bumps the food should no longer be consumed,” says Giorgia Raci, the research and development lead at Mimica. “We started with perishable foods such as juice, diary and meat, because that’s where we see the most waste, but we’re now looking at medicine, cosmetics and blood donations.”

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