Voice Dream Reader for Visual Impairment

Picture of Voice Dream Reader developer Winston ChenWinston Chen, a developer, designed an app for people with visual impairment while living in the Arctic Circle. His Voice Dream Reader won him the prestigious Apple Design Award. Voice Dream Reader supports text-to-speech as well as visual reading for blind people or those living with low vision and dyslexia.

Chen’s Voice Dream Reader for visual impairment reads text aloud from just about any digital source. The application could greatly enhance blind people’s reading experience.

"For thousands of years, reading meant decoding phonetic symbols in black ink printed on white surfaces," Chen said. "But the human brain is not wired for that, which is why it takes years to become a proficient visual reader. In fact, our brains are wired to communicate orally. I wanted to explore how technology could allow everyone to learn more naturally -- by listening."

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“After Year in the Arctic, Solo Developer Wins Prestigious Apple Design Award for Read-Aloud App for the Blind”

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