Assistive Technology Smart Glasses for Blindness
assistive technologyTechnology can give millions of people around the globe the ultimate gift, the opportunity to see for the first time or see again after going blind. There are a number of tech companies developing smart glasses, such as eSight, Aira, and Enchroma. Below, you can find a breakdown of how the various technologies help people regain their independence.

eSight: electronic glasses that have a high speed and high-resolution camera in the middle of the frame which captures and collects everything a user looks at in real time.

Aira: Smart glasses pair users with company employees helping them navigate around their surroundings. Aira workers see what customers see on a screen; when a customer needs help, all they have to do is call the Aira agent and listen to their instructions

Enchroma: Enhances colors for people living with color blindness; the product doesn’t compromise color accuracy and alleviates the red-green color.

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The Unlocking of Vision

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