RightHear App for the Blind

Picture Of Person Using RightHear App For Blind PeopleSeveral different navigation applications can help blind people. Those include AccessNow, AroundMe, Autour, and BlindSquare. However, not many can assist blind people in navigating indoor spaces. One Israeli start-up hopes to change that with the RightHear app. The application can help visually impaired users navigate through malls, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, museums, and universities. RightHear is available in 26 languages and is free for Android and iOS users.

"In a supermarket, for example, the app can navigate to the bakery section or the vegetable aisle. In a mall, it can take you to a particular store or area," said Idan Meir, RightHear Co-founder & CEO.

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"RightHear app is making public spaces accessible for blind people"

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