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Surfing as a vehicle to teach? Sounds good!
A young boy carries a surf board on his head across the sand towards the waterJack Viorel started his career as a teacher to kids with special needs. He says his first year was full of “wipe-outs”, but he slowly came to realize 3 important things that are important in teaching:
1. Inclusion is necessary for all
2. Self-esteem is the foundation for learning
3. Surfing – or having a vehicle to teach is important

After his teaching experience, he started a special surf school to include anyone and everyone, hiring the best staff possible and creating equipment for all types of needs.  Though it’s a “surf-school”, building self-esteem is the actual goal of the program. Surfing is just the vehicle to teach!

His school offers a week long course for kids with visual impairments to help with self-esteem, limiting beliefs and other issues that kids might be struggling with.

To hear his Jack’s Tedx talk, and read more about his school, visit this website.

Have you participated in an interesting program like Jack Viorel’s surf school? Share your experiences in the comment section.

Special Needs Teacher Shares Lessons Learned on Tedx Talks

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