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Making Math Accessible faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Sight-Impaired Doctor is Helping Others Discover Their Abilities faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Actress Judi Dench Talks About Her Fears and Macular Degeneration faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Marine Corp Veteran Loses Vision But Gains Insight faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Driving School Gives Blind Students the Opportunity to Take the Wheel faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A Device That Makes Washers and Dryers Audible faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Meet Big Dog a Blind Cowboy Serving Others Living with Vision Loss faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Despite Blindness - Grandpa Keeps On Painting faith@madmarketeer.com 7
A podcast interviews a blind architect about life and work faith@madmarketeer.com 8
A designer and an organization find success in a new venture faith@madmarketeer.com 14
The true story of Louis Braille faith@madmarketeer.com 10
The Royal Ballet teaches ballet to a group of visually impaired adults faith@madmarketeer.com 1
A call to the fashion industry to please include people with disabilities faith@madmarketeer.com 1
What a visually impaired person sees is represented in art faith@madmarketeer.com 1
The world of a blind competitive skier faith@madmarketeer.com 1
Soundscapes add to the landscapes of a visually impaired artist faith@madmarketeer.com 5
Blind Television Journalist Advocates for People with Disabilities at the United Nations faith@madmarketeer.com 2
A business based on the stars faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Visually impaired runners and the guides that run with them faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Living blind as an MMA fighter faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Physical activity is not limited to the sighted faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Review of a touching documentary of vision loss faith@madmarketeer.com 20
A forgotten society and the photographer who is bringing them to the forefront faith@madmarketeer.com 5
Apple’s commitment to the visually impaired and a young staff member who’s helping to make a difference faith@madmarketeer.com 0
A Miniature City Prepares Visually Impaired Kids for the Big World faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Fashion inspired by Braille faith@madmarketeer.com 1
An Interview with a Facebook Accessibility Engineer faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Blogging Tips and Tricks from a Visually Impaired Successful Blogger faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Microsoft Striving for Assistive Devices faith@madmarketeer.com 0
Navigational App Released at Carnegie Mellon University allan 1
Inmates helping to raise guide dog puppies allan 0
A New Project by Toyota Helps the Visually Impaired Navigate allan 0
Writing Group to Support Visually Impaired Writers allan 0
Amazon agrees to collaborate on accessibility allan 0
Assistive Technology Designed by Someone Who Needs It allan 0
Employment problems for the visually impaired allan 0
Stay active regardless of visual impairment allan 0
Legally blind, Justice Bernstein upholds the law allan 1
New wearable technology goes live allan 0
Student award goes to inventor of navigational assistive technology allan 6
The BuzzClip: Protecting the Visually Impaired from Collisions allan 1
Winning gold and never letting the mountain stand in the way allan 0
Visually Impaired Wrestler Takes on Sighted Competitors allan 2
Rural Canada’s Blind Machinist allan 1
Give the Gift of Shared Time allan 1
Art reshaped my life allan 2
Parathlete, record holder, inspiration allan 1
Attitude is Everything allan 1
Eye Health in Developing World Aided by New App allan 1
Paralympic-Olympic Dreams allan 3
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