Despite Blindness - Grandpa Keeps On Painting
Created by Hal Lasko - The Pixel PainterFor nearly his entire life, Grandpa Hal had been an artist. He created his pieces using traditional methods that engaged the simplicity of paintbrushes, pencil and paper. At the age of 82, amazing his family members and even himself, he learned to use Microsoft Paint to produce art with his computer mouse.
By the time this World War II veteran reached his early 90s, he had mastered the program. Around the same time, he found out he was losing most of his eyesight due to wet macular degeneration. This disease could not suppress Hal's strong creative spirit though. He pressed forward using his computer skills to create paintings that were later sold around the world.

Read more about Grandpa Hal Lasko plus watch the video, made by his grandson and featured in a Super Bowl commercial

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Long Live Microsoft Paint! It Helped My Blind Grandpa Keep Making Art

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