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Subject Author Comments Date
Unstoppable Jazz Musician Henry Butler 0
Visually Impaired New York Marathon Runner Will Race Unassisted 0
Bionic Eye Helps Blind Man See For The First Time In 20 Years 0
Glaucoma Left Him Without Sight But Not Without Hope 0
Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Creates Growth 0
Nearly 3 Decades of the ADA Has Progress Been Made 0
People Did not Believe She Would Have a Bakery One Day 0
Blind Assistant Public Defender Demonstrates Independence 0
Karina Jones plays Susy in Wait Until Dark 0
The Art of Visual Impairment 0
Motivational Speaker and Author Changing Perceptions About Blindness 0
94 Years Old Nearly Blind and Living Out Her Dreams 1
Blind Guest Teacher Visits 2nd Grade 0
Walking Through Vision Loss 0
Thirteen Year Old Is Living Proof that Hard Work Pays Off 0
Teenage Science Prodigy Amazes Experts With Her Invention That Can Detect a Common Eye Disease 0
Meet Big Dog a Blind Cowboy Serving Others Living with Vision Loss 0
Despite Blindness - Grandpa Keeps On Painting 7
Blind Man Roams the Globe 8
Left off the sports team he gave music a chance 21
Baseball commentary by sound alone 19
A career in the arts as a visually impaired man 14
A whole new way to use your tongue 14
Two Blind Brothers discusses their success since their appearance on Ellen 18
A blind entrepreneur uses tactile skills in massage therapy 15
A mother tells her story of acceptance and growth 14
A second wedding so the groom can see the bride 10
Traveling the world as a solo visually impaired adventurer 0
Two sets of pedals but only one bicycle 0
Just a man and his camera 0
Assistive Technology aids this musician in her craft 6
SDCB in the news 6
Some thoughts on the documentary Notes on Blindness 6
On a Mission to Advocate for the Visually Impaired 1
Showing that blindness is just another obstacle to beat 0
Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days 2
Three things you need to know about people who live with a disability 2
Visually impaired scientist pioneers audio version of visual field 1
Everything changed - all for the better 1
Is blindness living in the dark 1
Advice on Guiding a Visually Impaired Athlete on Race Day 0
A visually impaired personal trainer encourages everyone to accept our differences 0
A piano does not care if you are blind 0
A story collection about more than just blindness 3
From hockey to electric guitar 0
Virtual reality aiding reality today 0
Why -I admire you- can be anything but a compliment 0
The impact that internet access has on the visually impaired community 0
Are we defined by our belief in our abilities 0
A teacher who understands his subject is the perfect teacher 0
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