Why would you say that? Tips on what you shouldn’t do or say to a person who is visually impaired.
A grid of dots with some bright white and some blurred grey on a black background.People without any firsthand knowledge of visually impairment can say and do things that come across as offensive or rude. Two young women who are visually impaired have taken on the task of creating a list of their most hated things that people do or say when reacting to their vision loss. The writers collaborated on the posts, but chose their own pet-peeves to highlight.
The first blogger includes things like asking what food is being eaten and assuming a guide dog or cane has sat nav qualities. The second blogger takes a look at meanness disguised as comedy and holding out items assuming they will be taken by the visually impaired person.
What would you like to add to the list of “things you should say or do to a blind or visually impaired person”?
Things you shouldn’t say/do to a blind/VI person

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