Are we defined by our belief in our abilities
The UNs flag is flying with a large, multi-story modern building in the background. The flag has a blue background with white olive branches as a symbol for peace surrounding the world map.“As a disabled person I believe two things to be true: the impairment defines the person, unless the right mind set is adopted; and the actions of disabled people who come before us usually define the future successes of disabled people today.” So goes the talk that Robbie Crow gave the UN office in Geneva earlier this year. 
In this article Robbie illustrates how his volunteer experience has changed his perception of himself, his disability and his multitude of abilities. His attitude that all perceptions can be, and should be challenged should make us all stop and think about how we act and what abilities or disabilities we allow to define us.
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How Volunteering Changed My Perception of My Impairment as a Disabled Person

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