A second wedding so the groom can see the bride
a brides bouquet of yellow, pink and purple flowers sits on a set of concrete stepsAndrew Airey had significant vision loss on his wedding day 15 years ago. He wasn’t able to see his wife walking down the aisle or view the guests who had come to share their special day.

eSight was looking for a good news story to promote their technology and they stumbled upon Andrew’s story.

The company worked together with Andrew and his wife of 15 years to recreate their special day in the same location, with the same guests. Andrew was given a pair of eSight glasses which allowed him to see much of what he had missed in the first version of his wedding day.

The event was streamed on Facebook live to share the power of eSight’s product and the emotions behind the day for Andrew and his wife.
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15 years later, a blind man sees his wedding, thanks to VR  

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