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5 Things to Think About When Using a Human Guide

a man who is blind and a sighted guideWe know that getting used to a new mobility aid such as a white cane, a guide dog, or many forms of assistive technology will involve a lot of training time, but it’s easy to assume that having another person guide you will be much less involved – after all, humans tend to have a better combination of intelligence and judgment than dogs, computers and canes. But in reality, as with any other mobility assistance, having another person physically or verbally guide you likely does not come naturally to you or your guide! In this great post from George Abbott, the Director of eLearning at the American Foundation for the Blind, you’ll learn 5 considerations that can put your human guide at ease and help both of you get to your destination safely: Getting a Grip: Thoughts on Using a Human Guide
Image: A man using a long cane grips the elbow of the woman who is guiding him along a sidewalk in a residential area
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