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Hints for the restaurant industry from visually impaired customers
A menu board written in French welcomes customers to the restaurant. In the background, out of focus, people sit at patio tables.Dining out can be an enjoyable experience. The opportunity to choose delicious food, eating with pleasurable company and not having to do the dishes afterwards should be perfect. But sometimes, as a visually impaired person, there are things that get in the way of fully enjoying the event.
This article highlights some of the things that many visually impaired people would like restaurants to know. One favorite in the list is that stealth service is expected at a fine dining restaurant, but a visually impaired person needs a verbal cue when a server takes something from the table or puts something down.
What would you add to the list of what you’d like to tell restaurants about improving service for visually impaired customers? Share your thoughts in the comment section.
Things we wish restaurants knew about serving guests with blindness

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