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bionic-eye-promising-in-trials TaraVicars 0
the-impact-of-space-travel-on-astronaut-eyes TaraVicars 0
breakthrough-in-age-related-vision-loss TaraVicars 0
homocystinuria-research TaraVicars 0
eye-test-app TaraVicars 0
Cornea Transplant Viability Extension oblomov 0
Researchers Have Developed The Granddaddy of Mangoes 0
Early Detection of Alzheimers Disease is Possible 0
Hooray for Coffee 0
The Number of People Living with Visual Impairment is Expected to Increase 0
Unconventional Retinal Implants Expected to Deliver Exceptional Visual Acuity Results 0
Echolocation can be used by the visually impaired to navigate 17
New research leads to correlation between traumatic brain injury and visual problems 19
Research shows an increase in vision problems for preschoolers in the future 18
Research leads to a new process that halts keratoconus 7
Video games and visual impairment 0
Disaster Preparedness Includes a Plan for Visually Impaired People 0
New study delves into breakdancing and the visually impaired 1
Math brain. How the brain processes math equations 0
What do you see when you dream 0
Vision Center of Brain Responding to Sounds in Blind Children 3
Touchable ink for the everyday printer 2
Furniture by a visually impaired man plays on peripheral vision 1
Books Being Made Accessible for Visually Impaired Children 0
Employment resources for job seekers over the age of 50 allan 0
New App Uses Artificial Intelligence to See allan 1
Glaucoma Research Finding Early Success allan 4
Navigational App Released at Carnegie Mellon University allan 1
Video to thank Apple for accessibility features goes viral allan 2
Research into vision loss using a common food allan 3
Tablet with Refreshable Braille in the Works allan 0
New test created to test the ability of computers to recognize relationships allan 1
The number of Americans with low vision is increasing and becoming a growing public health concern allan 1
Natural Image Descriptions Now Available From Two Sources allan 1