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Glaucoma Research Finding Early Success
A brown, human eyeA recent research breakthrough has researchers using stem cells derived from human skin cells. The goal of this research is to one day use these cells to prevent, slow down or treat the degenerative process that occurs with Glaucoma.

Though still in the early stages of research likely requiring years of further study, the positive results give hope to future treatments for people living with this visual impairment.

This article sheds light on the research into stem cell therapies, Glaucoma’s causes and how to avoid stressing the eyes when Glaucoma is already present.

If you are experiencing vision loss from Glaucoma or any other disease, we can help. Visit our First Steps After Vision Loss page for more information.

Glaucoma News: Researchers Convert Stem Cells into Retinal Ganglion Cells for Future Targeted Glaucoma Treatment

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