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3D Technology Brings Art to the Visually Impaired
A 3D male human head is composed of wires and shown in half profile as an example of art that is accessible to people with visual impairments.It was only a few years ago that museums were pretty much inaccessible for the visually impaired. Art exhibits might have had a descriptive placard in Braille, but it wasn’t possible to touch the artwork or sculptures to actually experience the piece of art itself.
Now, with the use of 3D print technology, the art world is opening up to people who can’t see. Reproductions are being printed in 3D with different textures to symbolize different aspects of the original.
This article explains more about how 3D technology is used to make the art world more inclusive and how it is impacting visually impaired visitors.
If you are experiencing vision loss, please contact us to learn how we can help.
Opening up a world of art for the blind with 3-D technology

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